Episode 407 January 2013

Tools and Techniques to Master Hand Applique with Karen Kay Buckley

Week 1

Mark Lipinski and Jodie Davis open the show from a LeTort Glass Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Mark brings us up to speed on the Quilt of Valor project and his experience at the pledge special for the cause. Jodie shows off a great new tool, the Triangle Genie.

LeTort Glass
Perfect Pulls and Scissor Fobs
Triangle Genie

Week 2

Karen invites Jodie to her pressing table to learn how to make the applique circles that are often found in Karen’s quilts; and often many of them! Over the years Karen as perfected her circles, evidenced by judges’ comments from the quilts she enters in shows. This resulted is a product she markets so appliquers can achieve the results she gets in her quilts. Karen show Jodie how to use her Perfect Circles. And yes, they do come out perfectly!

Karen Kay Buckley
Perfect Circles and Perfect Ovals

Week 3

Karen Kay Buckley continues to show Jodie her time-tested method of making perfect circles. It’s all about the tools! Then Jodie rejoins Mark at LeTort Glass to review Blocks, Borders and Quilts by Sunny Steinkuhler and Quilt Batik by Cheryl Brown.

Blocks, Borders, Quilts!
Quilt Batik!