Episode 404 October 2012

Quilt Out Loud! Episode Notes

October 2012 Episode

Similar and Different

Week 1

The techniques of quilting and rug hooking are both similar and different and we’re finding lots of cross pollination among the various needlecrafts. Because of this quilt shops are selling more wool for both applique and rug hooking. Jodie and Mark show their attempts at rug hooking and talk about Mark’s doorknock, Marion Sachs, who is a master at both rug hooking and quilting. Do you know what a spite rug is? Watch and see. Then at the Quilt Patch in Littlestown, Pennsylvania Jodie does a “how to” demonstration at the Baby Lock sewing machine showing how advanced features of today’s machines make stitching a buttonhole applique stitch a snap. Here’s a hint…pivoting is essential in getting a perfect stitch.

  • Baby Lock sewing machines available at select quilt shops – babylock.com

Week 2

Quilter and rug hooker extraordinaire Marion Sachs of York, Pennsylvania is Mark’s doorknock subject this month. Marion’s magnificent quilts are hand pieced, hand appliqued and hand quilted although she’s not averse to using the sewing machine. It’s easier to color plan a quilt she says. You buy a piece of fabric and all your colors for that quilt are in that fabric. In hooking you have to figure out the background color first and go from there. Marion dyes all her wools starting with white yard goods. Shading is what sets a spectacular rug apart from the rest. And her collection is spectacular. Enjoy the show and tell.

Week 3

In this episode Mark continues his conversation with Marion Sachs of York, Pennsylvania. She shows some of her fabulous hooked rugs. One is a Pearl McGown pattern, the Queen Mother of rug hooking. Marion demonstrates how easy it is to hook using her favorite $6 tool and shows how she dyes wool strips for maximum shading. And, oh yes, just like quilters if you are a rug hooker you will have a stash.

Then, Jodie and Mark review Easy and Fun Free Motion Quilting: Frames, Fillers, Hundreds of Ideas by Eva A. Larkin and show two lovely quilts from the book. Free motion quilting takes practice and requires the quilter to relax. The Magna Doodle and just plain doodling are good ways to get that practice in.

  • Easy and Fun Free Motion Quilting: Frames, Fillers, Hundreds of Ideas by Eva A. Larkin – available at your local quilt store or from Martingale Publishing at shopmartingale.com
  • Magna Doodle by Fisher-Price available at toy stores and amazon.com