Episode 311 May 2012

Quilt Out Loud! Episode Notes

May 2012 Episode

Working Together

Week 1

Jodie and Mark are in Berlin, Connecticut at Lisa’s Clover Hill Quilts shop. Lisa and her husband Jim are one of many husband/wife teams working in the quilting industry. They and another Berlin duo will discuss their special working relationships. Mark shows Stars and Stripes the Quilts of Valor quilt he designed for the PBS special by that name featuring quilts designed by Marianne Fons, Alex Anderson, Eleanor Burns and Mark. You won’t want to miss the story about how Mark picked the recipient for his quilt. Here’s a hint: it has to do with a POW/MIA bracelet he wore in the 1960’s. Jodie goes to the sewing machine for a how to showing us how a gadget that comes with most every sewing machine can make you an echo stitching star.

Week 2

Mark’s doorknock is with longarm quilters Wilma and Jim Cogliantry of Christian Lane Quilters. After brain surgery Wilma had to relearn how to walk and speak but she remembered how to quilt on the longarm machine. How’s that for remembering the important stuff? Wilma gives Mark a cook’s tour of her personal quilts and then shows him a collection of work done for clients. An unusual, lovely example is a tablecloth from her extensive collection that has been quilted over both embroidery and lace insertions. Wilma and Jim have separate work areas as she likes a quiet working environment and he likes a background of noise. Wilma does the custom longarm quilting and Jim does the all over quilting using pentagrams and patterns.

Week 3
It’s fascinating how many husbands and wives work together in the quilting industry. Jodie interviews two such couples: Lisa and Jim Salonia own Lisa’s Clover Hill Quilts and Wilma and Jim Cogliantry own Christian Lane Quilters, both located in Berlin, Connecticut. They discuss how and why their togetherness works in their quilting businesses.

Then, Jodie and Mark are back at the quilt shop for the book reviews and show and tell quilt show from the books. Mark describes That Patchwork Place’s “buy a book get the e-book free” program.