Episode 303 September 2011

Quilt Out Loud! Episode Notes

September 2011 Episode

Week 1

After a 30-year hiatus, the swan boats are back on the lake in Asbury Park, New Jersey and guess who’s pedaling them? Mark and Jodie!. Well, Jodie;: Mark’s being lazy. The floating duo take to the dock for their What’s Up? segment to show an array of quilt related “finds”. Jodie shares a video taped at Quilt Market with Kay Capps Cross who demonstrates a simple way to have quilt labels at the ready so every quilt you make will be labeled as it should. Mark encourages quilters to join him in keeping an art journal feeling this stretches the creative muscle which is good for your primary craft of quilting.


Week 2

Mark journeys to Neptune, New Jersey for his door knock with dollmaker Mary Lou Klawetter whose friends will be arriving soon for a party. She gives Mark a tour of her house and studio which is filled with her whimsical work. Her introduction to dollmaking was through books and patterns and then she used her own ideas. Faces are made from either paper clay or fabric and are hand painted or embroidered. Her modus operandi is Head – Heart – Hands; the idea forms in her head, her heart adds the feeling and the work comes through her hands. Her work is always evolving taking her imagination as far as it will go. Jodie and Mark review books featuring jelly rolls and show a sampling of quilts from the books. The party is in full swing by now, so it’s time to join the fun.

Week 3
Jodie promised a special guest and she delivers with Mark’s quilting mentor the Queen of Stripping, Eleanor Burns. She has been stripping (that’s fast cutting fabric strips for quilts) for 33 years, written over 100 books and is now stripping on the bias. Eleanor demonstrates using her new Super Size Bias Stripper Ruler to cut bias strips for the cover quilt from her updated and reissued book Radiant Star Quilts featuring the latest methods and newest tools. Eleanor is an icon in the quilting world and is well loved by her fans. She will be inducted into the Quilters Hall of Fame next year. Well deserved!

Eleanor’s books, tools including the Super Size Bias Stripper Ruler, patterns, fabrics, notions and other quilting related items can be purchased at quiltinaday.com
Shape Cut Pro Ruler by June Tailor junetailor.com – available at your local quilt shop