Episode 205 November 2010

Quilt Out Loud! Episode Notes

November 2010 Episode

Segments 1 & 2

Jodie and Mark journey to Stockton, New Jersey in Hunterdon County visiting the 1790’s Prallsville Mill which became a center for the arts in 2009. They tour a unique exhibit of ornately decorated bras put on by the Courthouse Quilters Guild to promote breast cancer awareness. A calendar showing all the entries is available from the guild with all proceeds going to breast cancer research. One bra shows Maxine exhorting “Get your damned boobs checked.” Jodie and Mark discuss how important mammogram checks are for early detection and that men are not immune from this disease.

Mark discusses his dilemma…he’s a pack rat. A professional organizer helped him get his quilting “stuff” under control. The answer? Get a calendar and write down what you expect to do in quilts for two years. Shop from your house and kit all projects. Get rid of everything else. So he did.

Meg Cox, president of the Alliance for American Quilts joins Jodie and Mark. She tells them about the Alliance and its function. If the Louvre were only quilts and on line it would be the Alliance Meg explains. It’s a fabulous on line quilt resource with over 50,000 quilts documented and pictured. The chief way the Alliance raises money is through their on line auction on e-bay of 16” quilts designed by quilt artists across the country for their annual contest. Visit the Alliance web site for more information. Meg announced next year’s contest with the theme Alliances – People, Patterns, Passions.

Jodie and Jayne Stoll from the Courthouse Quilters Guild sit in the Children’s section of the local library to discuss the guild’s educational program begun by member Chris Englehart. The idea was to take a children’s book featuring a quilt, design and make that quilt and then make the books and quilts part of a traveling show going to local schools and libraries for use as a resource. Currently 18 books and quilts are in the program with more to come. The books are stories and all they have in common is a quilt. Ann shows “The Quiltmaker’s Journey,” “Reuben and the Quilt” and “The Quiltmaker’s Gift” and the corresponding quilts. Jodie then shows two new books by That Patchwork Place that would be just right for the program. This is a great idea for other guilds to undertake.

Year in the Life of Sunbonnet Sue: 12 Small Quilts
Darra Williamson, Christine Porter

Word Play Quilts: Easy Techniques from the UnRuly Quilter
Tonya Ricucci

Courthouse Quilter’s Storybook Quilt Project Book List

The Quilt Maker’s Gift
The Quilt Maker’s Journey
Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt
The Patchwork Quilt
Coat of Many Colors
The Log Cabin Quilt
The Tortilla Quilt
The Tamale Quilt
Reuben and the Quilt
The Seasons Sewn
The Josephina Story Quilt
The Boy and the Quilt
Papa and the Pioneer Quilt
I Spy
A Name on the Quilt
Tar Beach
Eight Hands Round
Dan’s Pants
Joseph had a Little Overcoat

Segments 3 & 4: Door knock with Julie Stockler

Mark receives an exuberant welcome from two boxers as he enters Julie Stockler’s charming home in Newtown, Pennsylvania. Julie has been quilting for just two years but her home is filled with the fruits of her labors. “I get to play all day with fabrics,” says Julie with a smile. She works at Kaffe Fassett’s nearby store Glorious Colors. The main part of the house is from 1752 with additions in the 1830’s and 1960’s. Beautifully displayed collections abound from Julie’s art quilts to playing cards to animal skulls and her husband’s magic paraphernalia. The lesson? Make your quilts and arts and crafts personal, tell your story. They end the tour in Julie’s color packed studio and examine her Fassett fabric quilts, antique quilts and a needle turned applique project in process. Sometimes it’s good to slow it down and enjoy the process.

Segments 5 & 6

Jodie gives us a quick tour of her north Georgia “Butterfly Roof” house where she’s camping out in the midst of renovation. She’s able to carve out a tranquil spot in the midst of chaos on her front porch. Jodie decided the outdoor chairs needed a pillow to dress them up and she shows us how quick and easy it is to make the fused butterfly pillow based on the theme of her butterfly style roof. Following manufacturer’s directions, she traces her design on Steam-a-Seam 2, cuts it out and adheres it to her pillow top fabric. No stitching down as the pillow will be exposed to the elements and will last just a season or two. She quickly finishes up the pillow and puts it right to use. Jodie then shows us the Winter issue of Easy Quilts with her Chopped Squares quilt with full instructions. An accompanying how-to video can be found on the Quilters Club of America web site.

Mark talks with members of the Courthouse Quilters Guild of Frenchtown, New Jersey, at their Quilts in the Mill show. They discuss the functions and advantages of being part of a guild.
A guild is both educational and social and most have outreach programs making quilts for charity. Membership is a good way to meet new friends who share a love of fabric and quilting plus you are exposed to every type of quilting. Your local quilt shop can help you find a guild in your area or you can start one if there isn’t one available.

Jodie and Mark are surrounded by colorful pillowcases. They discuss ConKerr, a charity project all over the country that makes and distributes pillowcases for children with cancer.

Mark surprises author Cheryl Lynch with the galleys of her new book with That Patchwork Place titled “Quilting Fiesta”. She explains how a trip to Mexico opened her eyes to the beauty of Mexican tiles which she interpreted into applique quilt blocks for her book. The book will be available January 2011. They take a look at several quilts from the book. Cheryl’s best advice to an aspiring author, “Don’t get discouraged.”

¡Quilt Fiesta! Surprising Designs from Mexican Tiles
Cheryl Lynch

The episode ends with Jodie and Mark discussing two other new books by Martingale & Company , “Exploring Embellishments”

Exploring Embellishments: More Artful Quilts with Fast-Piece Appliqué
Rose Hughes

Country Comforts:Quilts for Casual Living
Cheryl Wall