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  1. Hi, I have a suggestion for a quilt shop for your show to visit right here in New Jersey. Olde City Quilts, High Street, Burlington, NJ. It is a fabulous shop with beautiful people that work there.

  2. Frank A Warthan Jr says:

    Are you going to sell season 3 on DVD? Please? What about your other series? would be much easier on my eyes. Looking forward to them coming out soon.

  3. gloria Fuller says:

    I had never heard of Quilt Out Loud until i was watching the Quilts of Valor special on PBS. Please tell me where info is on the price to belong
    Thank you
    gloria Fuller

  4. Sandi Baier says:

    Series 400 segments are very, very short. I loved the first seasons of this show, but am extremely disappointed in these abbreviated versions that have so far shown no depth.

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